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The pirate Andikan appears on all three dubloon oceans, although he's only been spotted once on Viridian.

An equally (if not better) known alternate of his is Scapegoat, which appears on Sage and Hunter.Most of his other alternates have the "Andi" prefix... but please do not harass all Andi's because not all of them are him.

On November 25, 2006 Andikan and Scapegoat jointly bought a tan/maroon familiar. Since then, they have quarrelled over the rights to wear the bird, and have not spoken to each other.



Cabin Person of the crew The Lost Lot (Sage)
Stand-in Captain of the crew Blackbirds of Caribbean (Hunter)


Senior Officer of the crew Obsidian Daggers (Sage)
Senior Officer of the crew Yeyi Xoxocti Coatl (Hunter)

Events won (or nearly did)

Hobbies / Interests

The pirate Andikan has several well-known interests in the game, one of which is to expand his collection of portraits (link here). He also finds excitement in decorating his houses in wacky manners, most notably the manor which he shares with Athalrian, on Admiral Island in Sage.

Besides that, Andikan is also a self-professed Brigand King (BK) nut, in the sense that he actively hunts BK for sport and trophy. (It was reported that he's kidnapped jobbers for as long as 9 hours just to satisfy his obsession, but no sources remain alive to verify/refute that.) He is reported to have racked his BK hunting rifle until further notice.

As at the time of writing, he has amassed the following trinkets:
(accumulated across 3 characters on 2 oceans)

Barnabas the Pale.PNG Gretchen Goldfang.png Widow Queen.png


Sage Hunter