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Griffinbane of Viridian. Can usually be found sipping her 5th can of Pepsi of the day in her townhouse and constantly bashing on her Captain and hearties and being generally annoying in her own special way.

Currently retired. Yes people, retired. Go away or I'll throw a twinkie at you. Mmm...twinkies.

Will I ever make a real, decent wiki? Likely not. At least, not after I nearly broke the whole Viridian blockades page >.>

Puzzle Pirates Code

A++ L++ Sk+ !D DT C++ P- CP Bl- Sa++ Gu+ N++ TH Sw+ R Al BS+ TP- SF RM-- Dr+ TD- SpR SpN+ Ht Bn+ X:: B Sh++ Pt $S? Cl F++ GD FA! Wki Scr !Bx

Blockades Participated In

Carmine V - Navver
Fintan III - Navver
Carmine I - XO
Spectre II - XO
Surtsey II - XO
Windward II - XO
Moab III - XO
Carmine II - Stocker
Carmine III - Stocker
Moab IV - Stocker
Carmine VI - Stocker
Moab V - Stocker

Also participated (navved, XO'd, stocked, other stuff) in other blockades, unsure which. Land Admiraled several blockades but unsure which D=
Background work rocks.