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Ahoy there, fellow reader!

I'm Montag (yes, Monday) in game, a native Sage player, almost 2 years old, high school student, and I love to play the game (someone doesn't anyways?).

The game is one of the best I've ever seen, and if it had 3d graphics, it would BE the best. Please stop by on Sage and I'll happily salute you. In game I love to carpent, distill and Navigate. Three of the most random puzzles, actually.


!A LB-| Sk+ D-- DT-- C+ P--(yes, really) Cp+++(solo WB's) Bl- Sa++ Gu+ N++++ TH-- Sw+++ R+++ Al++ BS++ !TP SF+ Rm--- !Dr TD- Sp--- SpN-- Ht Bn+ X-:-:- B-- Sh- Pt $--- Cl F++ GD FA--- Wki+ Scr Bx?