Try Before You Buy

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Try Before You Buy at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Captain Flamer
Senior Officer(s) Soulsearcher, Legalink
Politics Autocratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Carnage
Dormant or disbanded as of 20 September, 2006


Try Before You Buy was created on September 10th. The crew aim to be a blockade crew, with one blockade under their belt already (Accompong VII).

The crew has joined Armada de Invincible, and do not plan on leaving any time soon.


Try Before You Buy sent a small fleet of sloops and cutters into Accompong VII, admiralled by Flamer and co-ordinated by Soulsearcher.

Public Statement

Try Before You Buy

A crew with one ambition- To make the world a much stranger place.

Promotion Requirements.

Cabin Person: Pillage with us once and prove that you can stick it out.

Pirate: Master in Gunnery. No more exceptions. You want to gun without orders? USE THE NAVY!

Officer-In-Training: 3 Masters in Piracy, and ALL basic duties (Bilge, Carp, Sails, Gunnery) at Respected or higher. Our Officers-in-training will have the title of Midshipman, and the rank of Pirate. Ask any Senior Officer if you want to take a training pillage.

Officer: So you want to be a full officer? You must have a skill level of Distinguished in Bnav, oceanwide, and have at least one Grand-Master in Piracy.

Fleet Officer: Do. Not. Ask. For. This. Rank.

Asking for it will indefinitely prolong your promotion. However, an active Officer who becomes well known in the crew can expect this rank after 3-4 weeks of being an Officer.

Senior Officer. DO. NOT. ASK. FOR. THIS. RANK!! You must have huge amounts of trust for a chance at this rank, and be a trusted FO. My most trusted hearties may have a chance at getting this rank straight away, but most will probably just have FO.


Politics and other random bullcannon

The crew is captained by Soulsearcher and Flamer, under an oligarchy.

Try Before You Buy joined the flag Carnage, because of the disbanding of ADI.

It merged into Transition, now Hysteria, a few months later.