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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This template is used to place an announcement for an Atlantis Exploration. It is meant to be used on the Atlantis Explorers page for each respective ocean. Please post your announcements here in chronological order by start date and time: Cobalt, Hunter, Malachite, Midnight, Sage, Viridian.

|date=The date the Atlantis Exploration will take place.
|time=The time, valued in Pirate Time, that the Atlantis Exploration will be
|crew=The crew that will be hosting the Atlantis Exploration.
|navigator=The navigator of the Atlantis Exploration.
|ship=The size of the ship that will be used phrased in the following values: Sloop, Cutter, Dhow, Baghlah, Merch_brig, War_brig, Merch_galleon, War_frig, Grand_frig.
|contact=The jobbing contact
|notes=If this value is defined, then a small section will show up just under the contact to list extra notes or information you wish to add. Just use |notes=(Your note) to activate it. Defaults to no note unless value is defined.
|noticeboard=If this value is defined, the template will add a note that this Atlantis Exploration is open to notice board jobbing. Jobbers may use the notice board to get invited on the Exploration. If you plan to not use the noticeboard for jobbing, just leave this value out of the entry entirely.

Copy and paste the following selection exactly as you see it filling in all values as listed above to use this template to announce your Atlantis Exploration.