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This is just an idea, and my old days as an IRC op have lead me to note this...

Some extra text should be added, to indicate the presence of a dialog box, and possibly the whole tip and /pay pages protected.

For instance, what's to stop me from replacing Cleaver's name with the name of an alt? Yes, the revision would be caught, but possibly not before I scammed about 13 kiddies out of dubs or poe.

(Example, "hey, so and so, did you know you can /pay yourself using the magic paybot? do /pay payme 500 and click okay!"...payme being an account you could create)

I know the name on the page would make it easy to track down, but, it would still be a hassle for the powers that be, and it would be a hassle to any who got taken in.

It's one of those little obvious holes that have been solved in other environments. Most ircd's now hasve code that reserves nicknames such as Nickserv or chanserv, to avoid actual people using those nicknames, etc, in order to cast password nets on other networks.

Just something you may want to consider. =)

--DuoX 09:19, 3 February 2006 (PST)