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Great article. Very well done. I adjusted the bit about Looseweed being the monarch for "bitter fall," since Leif was in charge for the Eta attack. Also, fwiw, there was essentially nobody in NF who were in Scallywags during the SS war. Much of NF's financial support for the Eta attack came from ex-Silver Dawn members, such as Black Opal and other disenfranchised ex-silver dawners. (America, Countrytheta, etc) Our attack had zero to do with RD grudges. -Looseweed 3/5/07

I'm sure you'd remember Loose - was your retirement party blockade the one where Shur nearly pulled it out for us with the undermanned GF? Or was that the re-take the following week? I wonder if I'm blending the two blockades' GF work. Daedalus 06:32, 6 March 2007 (PST)

The NF win, not the SD retake. Piplicus and I navved against that Grand Frigate - it was quite nasty, and had great token production for only having 35+/- pirates on it. My GF trick ([1]) was also earlier in that same blockade, I want to say round 2 or round 3. I was only able to stay for one round of the SD win the following week. - Looseweed 3/6/07

Keeping things organized

In trying to keep this page from becoming a raging behemoth, I've decided to omit recording some things on this page. Since all cabinet member and titled member changes are now documented on the Silver Dawn/Government page, they should no longer be included here. The exception to this is monarchs, who are recorded on that page but should also be noted here because of their significance. Anything not covered on that page (allies, crew joining or leaving, etc.) will still be recorded here. Hopefully this will make this page more readable. [[User:Himitsu|Lovelypen}} 13:09, 6 July 2007 (EDT)