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There's a fair amount of opinion baked into this page, as with the other sword pages. A user has created Swords Tierlist which appears to be an opinion-based page dedicated to the pros and cons of various swords. Does anyone have an opinion on the direction to take, whether it be leaving opinion in sword pages or removing them in favor of a link back to the opinion page? User:Waywardmatt

I have added a big variety of pictures to highlight patterns in the specific swords pages to visualize everything - the few sentences in the description just paraphrase that. On top of that, having a short, conclusive breakdown and comment about a swords playstyle should be helpful for quite a handful of people because looking at the patterns in a vacuum without context could be confusing. Descriptions of that nature have already existed on the swords pages for years. As for the Swords Tierlist, over the past 20 years the falchion/saber have been 1#/2#, the other swords have been worthless (including scimitar and skulldagger) and dont see any competitive usage. 99% its just Falchion vs Falchion because nobody plays versus Sabers. You are not a swordfighter, so you probably wouldn't understand. User:pash2101
I don't think it's relevant, appropriate, or kind to insult people on this forum, especially given that there's only a small amount of people who actively contribute. That being said, I was simply asking for opinions on the topic because the wiki strives to be factual where possible, and opinionated where specified. I appreciate your point of view, and will allow others time to weigh in on the topic. User:Waywardmatt