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Am I right in believing that the route from Corona to Lonelywood is unpurchasable? If so, what's the best way to fix that, given all the templates involved in making these charts? Vari 09:04, 29 January 2014 (PST)

Ah, yeah. Looks like there used to be a shipyard on Corona - the island's article was updated last November, but the maps never were. So, the best way to do the maps? One at a time. Edit the archipelago map, scroll down to the Corona-Lonelywood route, and change "chart league solid" to just plain old "chart league" for each of the leagues in the route. You'll also need to do the same for Corona's map, Lonelywood's map, and the whole-ocean map. And yeah, that is a little bit tedious. =) --Belthazar451 12:06, 29 January 2014 (PST)