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Anyone have any feedback on how this is developing? (I like how it's coming together, but it's my work, so I don't count for much ;)) --Ponytailguy 17:34, 16 May 2006 (PDT)

This is nice :) The only thing that caught my eye was the greeter bit. Greeters on boats don't get button tells, so /duty'ing is pretty pointless unless it's just to remove their name from the /gwho so other greeters have a better idea of the greeter:greenie ratio. You may want to add a section on blockades as well - extra communication with the nav, the issues with planking during a round, coaxing people to puzzle and not sink, etc. --Zava 18:00, 16 May 2006 (PDT)

Seems contrary

The roles outlined in this article seem to be contrary to what many people (including myself) think of as a commanding officer. This article seems to coincide with the role of the Executive Officer, and even says so in the first paragraph, while seeming to refer to the navigator as what is typically seen as a commanding officer.

The Commanding Officer and Executive Officer are two different roles. The Commanding Officer is the person running the show. He/she is in charge of the boat, charts the course, determines who to hit and who not to hit, and so on.

The Executive Officer is the person who makes sure the people on the boat are doing what the CO wants. The XO makes sure people are at stations and generally enforces the rules of the ship/crew while out to sea. The XO may even split the booty as well if that person is generally in charge of duty roles.

I feel the title of this article should be changed to "Executive Officer" and a new article created under the title "Commanding Officer" that outlines what a commanding officer actually is. There is a difference between an officer issuing commands and an Officer in Command.

Brandishwar 16:25, 16 December 2007 (PST)

Moving this page

There are many articles on the YPPedia that speak of a commanding officer whose roles are different from what this article outlines. When people speak of a commanding officer, they don't talk about the second in command, they speak of the one running the boat. This article outlines the role of the second in command. The CO is not the same as an XO as this article implies.

I have authored a new article that I will post following the move of this page. This page I will rename to Executive Officer.

Brandishwar 11:56, 9 January 2008 (PST)