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From Ubisoft?

I can't find a way to purchase it from Ubisoft anymore. I'm pretty sure they've dropped production and you can only get it from Amazon, which suggests a warning about buying used copies might be a good idea too.--Shanoyu 12:09, 29 May 2006 (PDT)

Hi self, just fyi it looks like a big fat no--Shanoyu 12:14, 29 May 2006 (PDT)

Prize Draw

Le sigh. Search-fu has let me down. I'm pretty sure there were 5 prizes, and know that one of those prizes was an island rename Hinga on Sage. One was a lifetime subscription (which it would be a ToS breach for anyone other than the winner to add). Is this worth chasing up? Certainly one of the more important contests held, and interesting history about the retail launch.--Vurogj 06:48, 1 October 2005 (PDT)

I thought the island rename was in honor of the grand prize winner of the lifetime sub? --Guppymomma 06:50, 1 October 2005 (PDT)
That's why I'm only pretty sure. I can't find the draw details in the retail questions thread. I may be booching reading.And sigging.--Vurogj 07:28, 1 October 2005 (PDT)
Preorder Drive with prize list Hope I didn't booch linking. --Kaet 07:40, 1 October 2005 (PDT)
Heeee, I must've found it right at the same time. I've added the list to the page :) Thanks! --Guppymomma 07:57, 1 October 2005 (PDT)

The Box's Story Mode

Does anyone else think that the story mode in the box edition of the game should have its own page on the wiki, or maybe just a specific mention on this article?--Zyborg22 08:39, 19 October 2005 (PDT)

I think that would be really nifty. --AtteSmythe 12:48, 19 October 2005 (PDT)
It's been years, but I will add a summary of the story in a spoiler box thanks to Jazz's playthrough. --Purpure 11 February 2021

Practice Mode Puzzles

As with story mode, the version of the included game remains the one shipped in the box. 
The puzzles are not updated to the current online version.

I don't think this is entirely correct. When I downloaded the update with the new "sweating" bilge puzzle, the bilge puzzle in the offline practice mode also had the "sweats".

I just installed and played through, then wrote up my summary. The first time I went to play online, my client had to reupdate itself, and I hadn't had a chance to play the puzzles again since. I imagine that you're correct (and I was surprised that OOO would choose to maintain the old versions). --AtteSmythe 09:56, 1 November 2005 (PST)


What is the update for 2008—Preceding unsigned comment added by Shikamarun (talkcontribs)


The information in this article is outdated and presented as if it is current. I wanted to tag it with a template but I couldn't find an appropriate one. Chupchup 14:12, 24 August 2011 (PDT)

{{update}} (Usage), I would say. However, it's not completely outdated, as the box sets still exist and still work. I was given one a few years ago. --Belthazar451 15:34, 24 August 2011 (PDT)
You can still buy them from iNet Video, and other places :) --Adrielle ♥ =) 16:41, 24 August 2011 (PDT)