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RuiMiguel is a pirate of Hunter/Emerald Ocean. He is the captain and monster hunter of the crew Invicta, he is the king of the flag Eternity and a navy lieutenant. He puts into port at Admiral Island in the Gull Archipelago. His manor is also on Admiral Island.


His first pirate was deleted due to inactivity, then on 26 June, 2011 a new pirate was born. In his early years, RuiMiguel just stuck to the usual pillage and poker. In January 2015, RuiMiguel got his first sloop and passed through the officer training in the crew Lapse of Judgement, under the command of Momentary, the captain who got Ruimiguel started into running voyages. RuiMiguel was a legendary battle navigator back then. By February, RuiMiguel was already known in the ocean for his notorious skills in kraken hunting. From here he started running his own kraken hunts where he made his fortune that allowed him to build his fleet. RuiMiguel was known for having vast collection of limited edition ships and a whole fleet ready to be deployed into battle. Still in February 2015, RuiMiguel was introduced to the Cursed Isles and for a while he was on the notice board running one every day. This year he grew in the crew and became a senior officer in the crew Lapse of Judgement.

For a while, no one heard of him, he was dormant. By the time he came back most of his crew was dormant as well, which compelled him to leave as he didn't like the solitude. In the beginning of 2016 he met the great Captain Marsu, and soon became a senior officer in the crew Mad Whales where he lead his crew to victory in several pillages and sea monster hunting. RuiMiguel learned a lot during his time in Mad Whales and had a lot of fun as well. In March 2016 RuiMiguel was awarded with a very expensive familiar from a mystery box, which he sold and allowed him to add a lot more ships to his fleet. He also bought a manor and furnished it to provide a cozy place for his crew mates to hang out.

Again, RuiMiguel was forced to leave the game and went dormant for a while and when he came back he found himself alone again. He left the crew and joined All For Rum, under the command of the great captain Dingybeard. Soon he was a senior officer in the crew and lord of the flag Dead in the Water. Here he met a lot of good people and several friendships were made, RuiMiguel was again notorious for his presence in the notice board, always pillaging or hunting monsters. RuiMiguel had his first taste of being on the other side of the blockade, the jobbing side. After this he wanted to do it himself. RuMiguel gathered with his two senior officers Odds and Skindeep and then became captain of the crew Invicta and eventually king of the flag Eternity while he gathered all his resources to blockade an island for the very first time.