Rogues' Pact

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Rogues' Pact at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Aramis of The Heretics
Member crew(s) British Seadogs, Children of the Damned, The Heretics, The Spanish Inquisition, Unforgiven, United Pillagers
Dormant or disbanded as of 20 December, 2004

Rogues' Pact was a flag on the Midnight Ocean from March to December 2004.


During February 2004, two crews from the flag Exsilium, Unforgiven and United Pillagers, left and formed the flag MythTaken. Eventually this flag was renamed to Rogues' Pact and acquired four other former Exsilium crews. Rogues' Pact decided on a democratic organization and later elected Nomadbeth of Unforgiven as its monarch, who ran against Lafina of Children of the Damned. The flag allied with Crimson Tide to help realize its ambitions, which included island colonization. They later allied with Imperio and many more members of the so-called Crimperio to further guarantee the victory at Hephaestus' Forge.

However, following the colonization of the island, stagnation crept in. The flag had not made any real goals besides colonizing an island and now had little to do. In addition to this, many members of the flag felt that Nomadbeth was performing poorly as monarch, adding to the unrest in the flag. Children of the Damned left the flag in September and formed Seraph's Nightmare. Unforgiven later left the flag in November, along with Nomadbeth, and Aramis of The Heretics was made king. However, the crew British Seadogs left shortly thereafter and soon joined Seraph's Nightmare. Seraph's Nightmare soon extended an invitation for the rest of Rogues' Pact to join the flag, and all aside from Unforgiven eventually did. In December, Rogues' Pact gave control of Hephaestus' Forge to Seraph's Nightmare and dissolved.

Blockades At a Glance

# Date Blockade Stance Sinking Contenders Score Result
1 17 July 2004 Heph's Forge I Attacking uncolonized yes none vs. Rogues' Pact 0:7 Won island