Release 2009-12-10

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But What About Flame-Painting?

From the Release Notes:

Immediately after client update:

  • Painting the hull of a dhow, baghlah, or xebec no longer leaves an all-wood racing stripe.
  • Ice on ships is no longer strangely colored based on the hull's paint
  • Adjust the color of gold paint on ship hulls.
  • Do not show all-hands messages if you have DND on.
  • Always display all-hands message to the person that sent it even if they otherwise wouldn't see it.

After the next reboot:

  • Fix issues with persimmon familiars not being recolorable & not being able to recolor familiars to persimmon.
  • Allow snow furniture to be placed in the lobby scene outside houses.
  • Puzzle sessions under a minute no longer count towards competitions.
  • Restrict the new Atlantis & Cursed Isle trinkets to the normal color palettes for those.