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Qlimax at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Carpaccio (Left Flag & joined another Crew in another Flag) of Rum for yer life
Member crew(s) Mary Celeste's Ghosts, Qlimax, Rum for yer life
Founded 5 May, 2012
Virtually dormant as of 9 August, 2013
Favicon.png Flag Info

Qlimax is currently a virtually dormant flag on Emerald Ocean formerly of Hunter.

Public statement

Wardecs should be considered as compliments.

Extended public statement

We, are a family. A huge group of friends, one ohana. We’d love your crew, whether it’s small or big, new pirates, or old salties, to join! In this flag effort gets rewarded, whether it are big or small donations or help with the daily tasks of a cading flag. To make it easy for you, to know where you’re standing, we made an explanation of how we work! Upon joining: Titled Member spots aren’t given away upon joining, unless your crew has 30 or more members. Extra titled members might be added for additional members. Any other ranks have to be earned by being loyal, putting effort in the flag in any way possible and donations. Royalty spots go to the people that have a mix of experience in the cading scene combined with a lot of input in our flag. Cading costs money/effort and we think it’s only normal that those people that put in their effort have a say in how the flag will be run.

To our members we can offer spots in the cadescene at any level we seem fitting. There are open spots for XOs and navvers, for people preparing the cade and even as JC LA or BA. We’re as well looking for experienced people, as newer people as long as they show the will to learn and build things up. (Also we prefer them to have ventrilo and a mic to communicate :p)

Our identity: We’re a blockading flag, looking into having fun and shoot at stuff! Naturally, there’s also pillages and the occasional sea monster hunting. We love to talk trough FO chat and to do pirate stuff.

Qlimax has some core values. Respect and teamwork. We do not tolerate any disrespect or breaking rules. Sanctions will happen if you break our core values.

Anything else?: You can contact any the monarch Carpaccio to ask anything related to politics, our flag or cading! Other questions about our most loved colour or our favourite piece of pie can be directed to all royals and titled members.

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