Pukru-Insel (Opal)

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Opal Ocean
Medium island in the Orion Archipelago
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This island has no pets on it.
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Pukru-Insel is a medium sized island in the Orion Archipelago. There are three well-known routes to this island; one from Aimuari-Insel, one from Saiph-Insel, and one from Toba-Insel.

Natural Resources

This island spawns Hemp and Iron.


A rock at the north of the middle finger of Pukru-Insel reads: “This island was fashioned by Yngvild.”

The island's name comes from the language of Ulwa, a Central American language that is mainly spoken in Nicaragua. Pukru means Kastanie (Pachira aquatica), which is a plant found in tropical parts of South America, and in Mexico.

In the Orion constellation, on which the Orion archipelago is based, Pukru-Insel represents the star Zeta Orionis (ζ Ori).

Current Information

For a complete listing of buildings, history, and the current government of Pukru-Insel, please see Pukru-Insel on the German wiki.