Phoenix Forge

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Phoenix Forge
Right-facing Iron monger (upgraded) on
Barbary Island (Ibis Archipelago)
Emerald Ocean
Owner Penguins
Manager(s) Lemonater, Intermilan, Lemonaide
Erected September 2008
Building-Emerald-Phoenix Forge.png

Phoenix Forge is an iron monger shoppe on Barbary Island on the Emerald Ocean. Its name is a pun on The Phoenix Force, a powerful character in several X-Men comic book storylines.

Shop Info

  • First Iron Monger Shoppe of Barbary Island
  • First Shoppe Owned by Lemonater

The Phoenix is among the most feared beings in the entire existence - having the power to cut and re-grow any part of the universe, as well as destroy it entirely, which is part of the Phoenix's purpose:
"The Judgment of the Phoenix", to burn away the obsolete. The Phoenix Force is described as being "the embodiment of the very passion of Creation – the spark that gave life to the Universe, the flame that will ultimately consume it."