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Official:Tournament Schedule

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Arr! Grab yer steel (..or mug.. or glove.. or coins) and claw your way up the lists to emerge victorious and win a familiar companion of yer very own!

Familiar Tournaments allow many hosts of Pirates to pit their skills against one another for exciting prizes and glory. Each month a number of familiar tournaments will be held on Cerulean, Emerald and Meridian and announced in this thread. To enter simply make your way to your local inn at the appointed date and time and sign up from the Tournament Board. For more information on tournaments please see: Tournaments!

December 2014

Title Date Time Familiar Puzzle Settings
Fire Pokers Thursday, Dec 18 4:00PM Blue Octopus Swordfighting It's a surprise!
Treasured Moments Tuesday, Dec 23 4:00AM Green Octopus Treasure Drop It's a surprise!
Warm Mittens Friday, Dec 26 10:00PM Red Monkey Rumble It's a surprise!
Frosted Mugs Sunday, Dec 28 10:00AM Yellow/White Parrot Drinking It's a surprise!


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