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The Kraken

Krakens are sea monsters of legend. Historically, any vessels that have dared to approach a Kraken for a closer look have been summarily crushed to bits, but thanks to recent advances in rowboat technology, it is now possible for the bravest and most enterprising of pirates to slip between the tentacles and sneak off with precious treasure.

A Kraken Sea Monster Map is required in order to chart a course to a Kraken lair. Kraken maps can be won from pillaging battles. Baghlahs are currently the largest ship that can safely chart their way to the Kraken.

Upon entering a Kraken lair, each pirate on board the ship will be placed onto their own individual rowboat to navigate. Battle navigation works normally, except that the turn timer runs slightly faster, and rowboats will receive a steady supply of free move tokens.

Various treasures can be found scattered about the Kraken board. Pirates can pick up chests, eggs, and ink by navigating their rowboats over these treasure spots. Once a rowboat has picked up a treasure, the pilot then needs to return to the safe zone in order to load the treasure into the parent vessel's booty and keep it. Beware the Kraken's tentacles that prowl the board, seeking to demolish rowboats. Unlike other Sea Monsters lairs, the Kraken is not a sinking zone, so the parent vessel is not at risk, but individual rowboats can be sunk. When a rowboat sinks, any treasure the rowboat was carrying at the time is lost, and the pirate will have to start over in the safe zone with a new rowboat.

Lifeboats Lifeboat.png

In order to face the Kraken, a vessel must have one unit of the "lifeboat" commodity in the hold per pirate on board. These lifeboats will be consumed when entering the Kraken lair. If a vessel wishes to visit the Kraken lair multiple times, enough lifeboats must be stocked for each entry.

Lifeboat commodities are produced in Shipyards.


Rowboat Classes

The available rowboat classes are listed below.

Rowboat Class Max Moves Max Damage Shot Holds Treasure Holds Ink Rowboat Kit
Rowboat 3 Normal None Yes Yes None
Bumper Boat 3 Increased None Yes Yes Bumper kit
Chum Boat 3 Normal Chum Yes Yes Chum kit
Harpoon Boat 3 Normal Harpoon No Yes Harpoon kit
Powder Boat 3 Normal Powder keg No No Powder kit
Speed Boat 4 Decreased None Yes Yes Speed kit

Rowboats can carry at most one unit of ink and one treasure chest/egg at a time. If a rowboat encounters a treasure chest or egg that is more valuable than the one it is currently carrying, the less valuable treasure will be thrown overboard in favor of the new one.

As indicated in the table above, some rowboats are restricted from carrying certain types of treasure at all. For example, the Harpoon boat can carry ink, but not treasure chests.

Rowboats do not take damage from colliding with other rowboats, but do take damage from rocks and tentacles.

Rowboat Kits

All pirates entering the Kraken lair get access to the default "Rowboat" vessel class. In order to use the other rowboat classes, a pirate must have that rowboat's corresponding "Rowboat kit" in their inventory. Rowboat kits can be found under the "Rowboats" section of yer booty. A pirate's currently equipped Rowboat kit determines which type of rowboat they will pilot on entry. During the Kraken encounter, a player can change the boat they wish to use from the "Next boat" menu at the bottom of the screen. This menu will be populated with all Rowboat classes available to the pirate based on the kits they have in their booty.

Rowboat kits are produced by Furnishers.

Special Shots

Name Range Description Shot Token Shot
Chum 1 Drops chum onto the board that will attract tentacles. Chum will last 10 turns, or until a tentacle reaches it and gobbles it up. Shooting a tentacle directly with chum has no effect other than to make a smelly mess. Chum.png Chum east.png
Harpoon 3 Shooting a tentacle with a harpoon causes the tentacle to release ink onto the board. Harpoons also cause a small amount of damage and reload more quickly than other rowboat shot types. Harpoon.png Harpoon east.png
Powder keg 1 Drops a powder keg onto the board. Anything running over a powder keg, including tentacles or rowboats will be blown up and sunk. Keg.png Keg south.png

Special shots can be fired normally by dragging their round shot token from the cache on the left of the battle nav controls to the slot of the move and side to be fired on.

Kraken Anatomy


Tentacles roam the board seeking to crash into and attack rowboats, causing them severe damage. They are not damaged by rocks or by collisions with other tentacles. Tentacles with the same name are "connected". So sinking a smaller tentacle will also cause the larger segments with the same name to sink.

The Kraken Head

The Kraken in its natural environment.

The Kraken's head lurks somewhere on the board. Shooting the head with a powder keg will sink the head and all of the tentacles. The Kraken head will stay submerged for a few turns and only resurface after all of its tentacles have respawned to protect it. Upon resurfacing, the Kraken head sends out a massive wave that will instantly destroy any rowboats that are still within range.

Shooting the head with a harpoon or powder keg also releases a cloud of ink splotches onto the board near the head.

The Kraken head is accompanied by defender tentacles, "Defendacles", that will try to protect it from approaching rowboats.


Treasure chests that can be found on the Kraken board in order of increasing value:

Name Commodity Icon Spawn Point
Cuttle boxes Kraken treasure small.png Kraken small spawn.png
Tentacle lockers Kraken treasure medium.png Kraken medium spawn.png
Cephalo pods Kraken treasure large.png Kraken large spawn.png
Kraken eggs Kraken egg.png Kraken egg spawn.png

Kraken eggs are essentially a special type of treasure chest.

Kraken Ink The Kraken ink commodity.

When a rowboat passes over a pool of ink on the board, it picks up one unit of the Kraken ink commodity. As with chests, the rowboat then needs to return to the safe zone in order to load the ink into the parent vessels booty. It is rumored that Kraken's blood can be alchemically extracted from quantities of Kraken's ink.

A pool of Kraken ink on the board.