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Doubloon Exchange

The Doubloon Exchange allows pirates to buy and sell doubloons with Pieces of Eight. You can find the Doubloon Exchange at any bank or by clicking on the 'Ye' tab followed by 'your pirate's name' and finally 'Doubloon Exchange'.

You have three options within the Doubloon Exchange. You can buy and sell doubloons, use the full interface to place doubloon offers, or purchase doubloons directly from us via Credit Card or various other payment methods. Doubloon Exchange.png

Easy Options

Doubloon Easy.png

To use the doubloon exchange, you can choose to have your transactions immediately completed by clicking on "Buy Doubloons (Easy)" or "Sell Doubloons (Easy)". Either button will show the current Pieces of Eight exchange rate for buying and selling doubloons. You may choose how many doubloons to buy or sell, and assuming you have sufficient funds, the transaction will immediately execute. The easy options for the Doubloon Exchange are only available in Banks or by clicking on the "Cashbox" furniture item.

Full Doubloon Exchange Interface

Doubloon Full.png

The alternative to the Easy options is the Full Doubloon Exchange Interface. It provides the opportunity for enterprising pirates to issue buy and sell bids at any price they would like. There is a number indicating the value of the last doubloon traded at the top, and a list of the top buy and sell offers. You can also access the full Doubloon Exchange interface by clicking "Ye" > "your pirate's name" > "Doubloon Exchange".

Exchange interface.png


To buy doubloons select the 'Buy doubloons' option. Enter in how many doubloons you wish to buy followed by how many Pieces of Eight you are willing to offer for them. Your bid is posted by clicking the 'Post buy offer' button.


To sell doubloons select the 'Sell doubloons' option. Enter in how many doubloons you wish to sell followed by how many Pieces of Eight you're willing to sell them for. Your total return will be calculated and displayed as well as the non-refundable exchange fee. To post your offer click the 'Post sell offer' icon. Be warned! You cannot post a sell offer much lower then the current exchange rate.

Once your offer is posted, you can find it listed in 'Your outstanding offers' on the exchange screen. It will remain posted until another player accepts the offer or after 10 days when it is automatically canceled.

With your Credit Card

Exchange card.png

Selecting 'Buy Doubloons with your Credit Card' will bring you to the billing page where you can purchase doubloons securely via our various payment methods.