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Katej is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean.


In December 2006 Katej joined the then 6months old Hunter Ocean. She had never played Puzzle Pirates before and after a quick pilly, joined a crew called eagle Eye. There she met Kworksneggar(now trivalse), Hyperkilla, Idlanhaziq and Robunmas. Dedicated to prove successful among a group of male officers, she did everything she could to increase her stats and the crew’s trust in her. Before long, She made her way through the ranks to Officer.

Unfortunately, before she could get higher in rank, her captain, Kworksneggar went dormant and the crew were forced to merge with a larger crew, The Weyr, in their flag.

It was here that she made friends with Pegno and Blackcat and was promoted to Fleet officer. Not long later, she was chosen and made princess of the flag Dragon Slayers founded by her captain, Blackcat.

Time came and Katej decided to make a sister crew, Young Gamblers, with her hearty Idlanhaziq as the First Mate and second in command.

However, Blackcat went dormant and left her position as queen to Katej, and to make matters worst, her hearty Robunmas left the flag to help out a friend. Slowly and gradually, Katej also went dormant.

After a long break, she returned and found her good friend Robunmas still playing. Deciding that merging was the best option, Katej merged Young Gamblers into his crew, The legacy of Nage, and then they merged into the crew Up Your Booty.

After months of waiting, Katej’s old captain returned and they made the crew Eternal Dragons along with some old members the the previous crews. This crew, although fun to begin with, died down and merged back into Up Your Booty. Here she remains as SO.

Recently, she and Robunmas became a couple. More recently they tied the knot on the 27th of May, 2008 at 7:52 GMT.