July 2009 promotion

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The Crimson and Jade Promotion

The Crimson and Jade Promotion will run from the date of the latest release through till July 24th at 3pm PST. For each individual payment of $9.95 or more, a player will receive a complimentary in-game gift as part of the Promotion. In addition, every player paying during the period of the promotion will also receive a single commemorative "Crimson and Jade" trophy on their choice of Ocean.

Subscribers with reoccurring payments that do not recur during the period of the promotion will be granted one free in-game gift. They may opt to receive other gifts by extending their subscription. Gifted transfers of subscription time will not result in a promotional gift.

Players making a direct cash purchase (i.e. via the mail) will receive a promotional gift if their envelope is post marked before July 24th.

The free gift provided with your purchase will be chosen randomly at the time of purchase.

The free gifts distributed as part of this promotion will be either:

  • Tan/Persimmon Parrot: 0.5%
  • Small dog: 2%
  • Persimmon tapestry furniture, moderately-aged: 7.5%
  • Persimmon clothing, moderately-aged: 90%

The items you receive with each purchase have no exchange or redemption value. They have no cash value.

Other Things You Should Know

Following the end of the promotion, the small dog pet and clothing in the new persimmon color will become available for purchase in-game at the Palace and Shoppes, respectively. The small dog will be priced similiarly to the cat of the same size. Similarly, persimmon, a new red color released in honor of our first Red server, will be available as a new color choice.

If you have additional questions about this promotion, please contact us here: