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For the special-edition ships, see Inferno class war brig and Inferno class sloop.
Inferno at a Glance
Emerald Ocean
Last Monarch Sardinez (Left Flag & joined another Crew) of Rebellious Blaggards (Disbanded?)
Member crew(s) Insanity Reigns
Abandoned as of 23 February, 2014
Favicon.png Flag Info

Inferno is a defunct flag on the Emerald Ocean.


Inferno was recreated on February 23rd 2014.


Inferno was first formed by Sardinez on December 14th 2009.

Inferno had bit of a slow start due to Sardinez going dormant for half a year.

On June 27th 2010, Sardinez became undormant and re-claimed his place as Inferno's king. Shortly after his return Inferno had attracted more crews; because of the growth within the flag, the flags reputation rapidly grew and for a time gained #1 on the Hunter Ocean.

After its prime, and Inferno was under new management - it was disbanded.

Public statement

Back in business :)