Duty puzzles (Idea Links)

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Assisting with a sea shanty puzzle

Challenges on an island

Different sort of pause to avoid the idle time penalty

Flow meter

Double duty puzzling tanking standings


Grappling does not reset board

Increased immunity time for standing change

For those with lower standings

Maneuver bonus pieces give a score bonus


  • Note that additional duty puzzles to augment existing ones are Anti-listed if the difficulty between the old and new puzzles can't be balanced.


Hold packing


Specific to ship types

Swabbing the deck

Clear a single unbroken trail

Marble maze


Slider puzzle

Telescope puzzle from the crow's nest

Offline duty puzzle "labor"

Option to play unrated

Except for ultimates

Pause puzzle after a league point

Countdown to indicate impending resume of sailing

Enforced time with countdown displayed before setting sail permitted

Reinstating standing protection in blockades, flotillas and Atlantis

Require better than booched duty report to increase experience

Standing doesn't go down if ordered off a station

Warm up while in port