Cursed Isle Introduction

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With the end of Halloween (see below) comes your introduction to the "The Cursed Isles", the second Sea Monster Lair added to Puzzle Pirates.

The Cursed Isles are a magical location entirely given over to the dark forces of Chaos. They lay uninhabited and foreboding for untold years until Captain Vargas the Wise and his loyal crew found their way to those curs'ed shores.

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Chaos is a harsh mistress indeed! Almost all of the Captain's vast fleet was destroyed attempting to reach the Cursed Isles. Only the most humble of his vessels finally made it to shore. And the treasures they found washed up on those beaches! The vast wealth of lost ships from time immemorial!

Such bittersweet tragedy that those bold buccaneers, who would have lived as kings with but a fifth of that loot, were instead caught up in the devious dark magic of their new home. Now, living in rags on the flotsam of the sea, they conspire amongst themselves, consumed with plans to bring forth Chaos across all the Ocean and subdue other Pirates in the name of their new master.

Fortunately for us all, with the help of you wily Pirates, the Ocean Masters have captured Vargas' totem, his statue. With it's power lost, Vargas can no longer hide his Cursed home from the Pirates of the Ocean. So now's the time to take revenge!

But beware! Tarry never too long at the Cursed Isles! The healthy avarice of all good Pirates is your only protection! Keep your mind focused on the treasure and escape with yer skins intact!

The Cursed Isles will be released to the Ice Ocean for testing on November 4th. Prior to the full release, two additional updates will be made to Ice:

  • Release of the special Cursed Isle Sea Battle elements
  • Release of the special Cursed Isle prizes: Starting during the week of November 4th, we will invite player to participate in the selection of the special color to be reserved for the Cursed Isles. This color will be used to add a special touch to the items released with Cursed Isles.

(Note) How about we promise the introduction will be complete before Thanksgiving (November 27th)? We've got to test, ya know.