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Orch is a senior officer in the crew Valentine Dragon of the flag Anbin Alayam on the Cobalt Ocean.


Orch washed up on the shores of Dragon's Nest more than four years ago.

Before joining Valentine Dragon, Orch was a senior officer of the crew FREAKSHOW where she became BFFs with Bloodydani. She decide to leave and claimed that "no one was ever on" (el oh el maybe they have a life). Orch is devoted to her crew and hearties and usually neglects her kid to spend time with her online mates.

Orch can usually be found on Sea Monster Hunts, CI trips, playing various parlor games (she hearts spades) or lying on the floor outside a Burger King.

Orch enjoys playing most of the piracy and crafting puzzles however she does not have any real Ultimate trophies (Poker does not count jajaja). That is fine though because Yohoho! Puzzles Pirates gives out experience trophies and she does have a lot of those.

Orch loves to get her shine on and share it with the rest of the ocean while she throws back several gin and krakenbloods. She hearts mehicans (who doesn't to be honest).

She is an avid fan of POKEMON JOKE HOUR!!!.


Orch lives in a far, far away magical place called Taurunga. Therefore, she is like 1273 hours ahead of everyone so you can never really know when she is going to be online. Despite this, she logs on almost everyday.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • Orch has SICK photoshop skillz and is currently active in producing event and avatar art.
  • Orch was Hera's first runner up in April 2008's 'It's an Avatevent!'
  • Orch won first place in February 2009's 'Puzzle Pirates Weekly, Valentine's Edition' receiving her first won familiar, a magenta/rose parrot.