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Lavender/light blue chameleon familiar

The chameleon is a type of familiar which can be found on the oceans. The chameleon is a color-changing familiar that is exclusive to the Gold Box.

The color of the chameleon will never change when viewed in a pirate's inventory. Its primary color will change to match the primary color of your pirate's torso clothing, but only in the game scene. The changed color will show on the the pirate page. In addition, trying on different colors at a tailor shop will not result in the chameleon changing color, but the changed color will show for anyone viewing your pirate page.

Chameleon secondary colors do not change and the selection available in the Gold Box rotated by month:

  • February - Pink, Yellow, Blue
  • April - Grey, Green, Light Blue, Persimmon
  • June - Orange, Light Green, Navy Blue
  • August - Red, Lime, Aqua
  • October - Maroon, Brown, Violet
  • December - Magenta, White, Mint

Tan chameleons were available in Gold boxes in June 2019.

Limited edition colors

Chameleons were available from Booch boxes in Limited Edition colors. This means that chameleons may exist in Banana or Chocolate.


The grid below shows all known colors that a chameleon may appear in.


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