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Articles in this category would be greatly improved by the addition of illustrative screenshots. To add an article to this category, simple place {{needs illustration|reason}} at the top of the article, replacing reason with specifics about what illustrations are needed and why. This will both put the article in this category and place a notice in the article itelf.

If you would like to improve one of these articles, first look over the article itself. Look at the notes regarding what images are needed. Also, read over the article to see the context in which the image will be used and the information it is meant to portray, and create the image or take a screenshot that fulfills the article's need.

Screenshots of the game should be saved and uploaded to the wiki in PNG format. Files saved as JPEG format lose too much color information and will be deleted.

When you have uploaded the image and have integrated it into the article, please remove the {{needs illustration}} template from the article.

This category currently contains no pages or media.