Candidates for speedy deletion

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There are a few, limited, cases where pages may be deleted speedily. Non-admins can ask for an admin to delete such a page simply by adding a {{delete}} (Usage) tag.

A list of pages to be deleted can be found at Category:Candidates for speedy deletion.

Pages you want deleted that may not be speedily deleted should first be discussed at Proposed deletions.

When deleting, check the page history first to see if you can revert to an older version instead of deleting the entire page.

You can consider turning problematic pages into relevant redirects as an alternative to deletion.

Ideally, when an admin deletes a test page or other page with no useful content, it is a good idea to put a note on the author's talk page explaining things, and preserving the deleted content, pointing them to the sandbox in cases of tests.

Candidates for speedy deletion

  1. No meaningful content or history (e.g. random characters).
  2. Test pages (e.g., "Can I really create a page here?").
  3. Pure vandalism (especially dealing with vandalism).
  4. Very short pages with little or no context (e.g., "He is a funny man that has created Factory and the Hacienda. And, by the way, his wife is great.")
  5. Reposted content that was already deleted according to policy.
  6. Temporarily deleting a page in order to move a page.
  7. Broken redirects or ones caused by typos during a page move.
  8. Duplicate images
  9. Talk pages of already deleted articles
  10. Empty categories
  11. User and talk pages on request of the user, where there is no significant abuse, and no administrative need to retain the page.