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Wilber is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean.


  • Memorized all of the Viridian Ocean.
  • Memorized all of the Hunter Ocean.
  • Senior Officer of Shinku Akumu


Wilber started playing Y!PP in early July of 2005. His first permanent crew was Sweet Tarts. In that crew he first became officer, before the position of Fleet Officer was introduced. He then switched crews to Anxiety. A month or so later he again traded out, this time joined Tierra Firme. He became a Senior Officer here. He started up a crew, The Globe Trotters, a while later, but he quickly gave up and rejoined Tierra Firme. The next milestone was in late March, when he suscribed for the first time and started playing Midnight. Now he is hoping, as a lover of the navigation puzzle, to go on to memorize all of the oceans. He has finished both Hunter and Viridian and has the picture with a globe. He is working on, and will hopefully update this page when he is done, memming Midnight, Ice, Cobalt, and Sage. He uses Wilber on Viridian, Hubbleboy on Midnight and Hunter, and Blitzenboy on Sage and Ice.