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Starting out and Glimmer of light

Baraga started out as a pirate, loyal to himself. soon after a couple of days pillaging, he met twigget, and seeing how good the crew was, he asked to join. In Glimmer of Light, he learned many things, earned most of the trophies he carries today and got him to moving towards bigger goals.

Sealords of sage

After Leaving Glimmer of Light he went crew jumping. from what he can remember, he first got a good deal in CiderDrinkers, Then to Burn in Hell, the crew his hearty was in, as an officer. After spending some time in Burn in Hell, he ordered his first sloop and started to pillage for the Dubs he needed. on one such pillage he met the captain of his current crew, the Sealords of Sage. After being asked to join, he accepted, Thinking this to be a good opertunity. so far, it has been.

Back to hell

Although the Sealords of Sage were good to him, he felt as if he didn't fit in so well, so he jumped ship on them and swam to the nearest inn. he saw the sign for free poker, and seeing as he had some spare PoE, he joined the table nearest to his skill level. low and behold, the captain and crew of Burn in Hell happened to be on the same table. as the game ran on, and the chatter between them kept on going, the captain revealed he had just aquirred a stall of shipwrightery. he tagged on and was whisked over there. the crew had grown since he had last seen them, and were now 50+ strong. although he was lookinbg forward to joining with his old crew, he could not bear to go into such vast numbers. he left shortly after, back to the inn to see if any crew would teake his medicore skills. he got one tell, to join a newly formed crew. esstatic at being able to help a crew on its first legs, he agreed and joined the Hell Squad. knowing the captain of Burn in Hell had a one crew flag, he dropped a suggestion into the "suggest-a-flag box". the crew were already going to join silent catastrophe, so he took that as a sign, and tried his best in his new crew.

Ranks ahead

after a mild case of mid-account crisis, Baraga settled down a bit. he looked at the crew page he had stuffed into his pocket and just noticed his name next to the Senior officer section. 'Ka-wow, for seriousness?' he thought to himself. a respectable rank for a un-reliable pirate. irony at its greatest, or cruel joke? Baraga didn't care, higher goals were coming too easy, and he didn't like the smell of it all, but he stayed quiet, because when the gods hand you a loaf of bread, you take it and hide it in the safest possible place, yer belly.

Contributions and Achievements

  • Expert and Incredible Rigger trophy
  • Enjoys pillaging, and trys to run one whenever possible. Unfortunatly there is a jobber crisis at the moment, as no jobbers will take a posted offer
  • Got Ds that one distinguished help he needed for sloop-making

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