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Azuzzu is a pirate on the Emerald Ocean.


Azuzzu joined Puzzle Pirates in 2006 on a different pirate than the one he has today. .He eventually met two people who changed his life for the better and formed a crew with them. With his 'famed' Kryptyka he discovered alot about Puzzle Pirates, eventually rose up to the ranks even as fleet officer

While on his seafaring trips and pillages he caught up a job with a freshly made crew, The Mercenaries of Sage, where he met Livanna and Hitomi (now Hitomi-West). He somehow specialized mostly in Carpenting and eventually got his hand on Battle Navigation. After a crucial decision that merged The Mercenaries of Sage and Armageddon, he felt that the crew lost it's shine and bright spark and started to feel like a complete stranger in a new crew of strangers. Along with Livanna and Hitomi-West they formed the crew Femmes Enigmatiques, french for Mysterious Females. Mostly Azuzzu (then Kryptyka) did was supporting both of the ladies with all he had, mostly moral support and also his goodwill and empathy. Eventually, Livanna went on holidays for two weeks and handed the crew to Hitomi, fully knowing that the crew would be in good hands. Problems with the flag leaders ensued and they were banned, the flag started falling apart. We then joined a new flag , Candy Coated Chaos (CCC), in this flag we learned more and broadened our views on the game as we learnt that there was more to it than we were able to see 'till then. Eventually we started going offline, one by one, losing ourselves to the every-day life.

Currently, Azuzzu is a pirate and lookout for the crew Glimmer of Light.


"Time waits for no one, my dear. Better start running."