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Aislinn is an independent pirate sailing the Emerald Ocean.

A former senior officer of the crew Desvelado, she began playing the game with her husband, but only played for small amounts of time in the beginning, when there was only 1 ocean and seemed to be more bots than humans.

She plays based on her interest levels, sometimes more, sometimes less.

She served as a captain of her own crew starting in April 2008 and monarch of her own flag at the same time. After a mutiny organized by an SO in the crew and a disastrous attempt at blockading an island, she semi-retired in August 2008.

She returned at the insistance of another pirate in June 2008 and joined as an officer in the crew Hunters and Collectors. After a few weeks of struggling to relearn the puzzles, she did achieve Legendary and Ultimate Sails in June 2011.

In July 2011, during on a HS, she made a joke and was surprised to find that someone aboard the ship remembered her and more over was surprised to find that she had a sense of humor. Realizing there was still a stigma attached to her for her no-nonsense attitude, she permanently retired.

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