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Admiralsnake is a senior officer and First Mate of the crew Kiss My Brass and Prince of the flag Pocket Aces on the Emerald Ocean, formerly the Hunter Ocean.


Admiralsnake originally played on the Viridian Ocean when he was first introduced to Puzzle Pirates. After having gone dormant as his old pirate, he moved to the Hunter Ocean as Admiralsnake. He started out like any every other new player. Getting to know the game, standings, crews and everything. After working towards a ship, with the help of his friend Cocoapuff, he finally achieved the ship "Hot Hammerhead", and later created his old crew from the Viridian Ocean, Stars End. He was the captain of Stars End for a time, but went dormant for three years, disbanding the crew. After returning to the Hunter, now Emerald ocean, Admiralsnake was warmly welcomed by his new Captain, Chickenwingj. Chickenwingj invited him to Unforeseen Danger. After being in the crew for about three months, Admiralsnake splintered off and re-made Stars End. Once having the taste of being Captain of his old crew, Admiralsnake merged his crew with Spirit of the Caribbean and joined Kiss My Brass.

Given Captaincy from Adiola, Admiralsnake rebuilt Kiss My Brass up to about 70+ members. Once he reached enough strength in his crew, Admiralsnake resigned from Hooked and founded his own flag: "Tier One", where he resided as Monarch of Tier One for a few months.

Once having an idea of being a Monarch of a flag, Admiralsnake gave Sweetiepieme the Captaincy and forfeited his flag to join Taste Our Broadside. He currently sits as a Senior Officer in Kiss My Brass, ready to chart anyone and everyone, free of charge!

Admiralsnake enjoys charting others on the Hunter side of the ocean whilst memorizing the Sage ocean.

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