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Notes to self: Homunculi adjectives: Boiled Bubbling Caustic Concocted Gelatinous Hatched Misshapen Steaming Stewed

Cultist adjectives: I notice they seem to share the List of known brigand crew adjectives. Potentially useful. Babbling Baleful Berserk Bizarre Blasted Brutal Cackling Chanting Chaotic Convulsive Corrupt Crazed Cruel Deadly Delirious Demented Depraved Deranged Devoted Diabolical Disturbed Enlightened Fanatical Feral Ferocious Fiendish Frantic Frenzied Ghoulish Gibbering Howling Insane Irrational Lunatic Malevolent Malicious Maniacal Murderous Possessed Psychotic Ranting Raving Sinister Tormented Unhallowed Vicious Villainous Wicked Wild Wrathful Zealous

List of known Imperial Outpost Ship Adjectives triumphant mummichog indomitable blowfish