Midnight Marauders (defunct)

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Midnight Marauders at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Silverdagger of Nevicata Drago
Member crew(s) Nevicata Drago
Dormant or disbanded as of 14 May, 2006

Public Statement

Our Mission: To have fun and make some poe!

Midnight Marauders was founded on March 8th, 2006 by Silverdagger and Pearldagger. It is a flag devoted to pillaging and having a good time doing it.

Our flag is all about having fun. Whether you're looking to go pillaging or just some fun people to talk with, this is the flag for you! We are a truly a bunch of dedicated pirates plus a few very new swabbie types, surely you fit in somewhere between them!

We welcome inquiries about becoming an ally, please speak to the monarch or a royal before offering alliance. All of the royals may act as representatives of the flag.

Got a new crew? Get your crews fame up to rumored and then you can join our flag! We welcome any new or old crews to join us.

Come and join Midnight Marauders, destined to be one of the best flags on Midnight Ocean.

May your seas be calm and your sails full!

Governing Body

Midnight Marauders is governed by their monarch, Silverdagger. Please direct any diplomatic issues or allying with the flag, to him or any of the following royalty below!

Royality Pirates

  • Moonlight of Nevicata Drago
  • Pearldagger of Nevicata Drago

Titled Pirates

  • None

Flag Shops & Stalls

  • Silverdagger's Ironworking Stall on Byrne Island

The New Forum

Flag and Crew Forum