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Please be aware that an on-duty Ocean Master can see everything written in greeter chat, the following rules are in place to try to keep extra chatter to a minimum. Although Oceanmasters do lightly monitor the chat when they can, they will not always see or be available to intervene if someone is using chat inappropriately.

  • In cases where a player is abusing the greeter chat channel, please submit a /complain indicating they are abusing greeter chat and how. Complaints will be dealt with based on the included chat as time permits.
  • If you feel someone may be misusing greeter chat without realizing it, send them a /tell explaining the rules to them.
  • A blackspot should never be used to remove greeter status.

Greeter chat is to be used solely for greetering related conversations, including such things as:

  • Finding answers to non-opinion questions that you can't answer on your own. (We recommend that you use a petition for more advanced questions.)
  • Finding someone who speaks a language you don't know in order to assist a new player
  • Making other greeters aware of new player oriented events or pillages about to take place

Greeter chat is not a place to do things like:

  • Answer questions that you're not sure the answer to. (If you don't know, let someone else answer who does)
  • Advertise your business, non-greeter voyages or monster locations .
  • Chat with other greeters about non greeter topics.
  • Ask a specific person a question; this is what /tell is for.
  • Find another specific greeter; this is what /who and /gwho are for.
  • Editorialize about greeter mechanics.

Some general greeter channel etiquette:

  • Ask yer question, preferably on one line. There is no need to ask permission to ask a question, just ask it.
  • Give detailed replies, "go look at the YPPedia" isn't helpful - include search terms or full links if the answer is best found on a webpage.
  • If you are a slower typist, or unsure of the answer, see if it gets answered by a faster typist or more knowledgeable person before hitting send.
  • If a conversation gets more involved, take it to /tells.
  • Be polite in all situations.
  • Take requests to stop spamming to /tells, unless it is a group that is doing it.
  • Don't feel the need to always have the last word. If any spam has stopped, then there is no more need to discuss spamming.
  • Do not berate anyone over the channel. Use /complain as appropriate or send them a polite /tell.