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The Alpha Island Azure Monument
This article is about Alpha Island's Azure memorial. See Alpha Island monument or the List of islands with Azure Ocean monuments for individual Azure Ocean monuments.

The Azure memorial is located on Alpha Island, outside the palace. Towards the end of Azure, crews could /glory money to add to their total.

The memorial serves as only an approximation of "who was who" in Azure because many individuals had alts in multiple well-known crews of the day, resulting in their accumulated wealth being distributed over several recipients. There was also a fair amount of political maneuvering at the time to both secure donations from wealthy unaffiliated pirates and deceive other crews about the estimated size of one's donation. Nonetheless, when one considers that just the first two categories combined account for a sum of at least 20 million PoE from crews rather than flags (the Mutineers' contribution may have been as high as 8 million) in an ocean where all shoppes had already been auctioned off for large sums, the contributions of every name on the list should not be underestimated.

Monument Text

At the close of the Azure ocean, many fine crews had amassed great fortunes and donated them that their names may forever adorn the Azure memorial.

Over one million POE!
Mad Mutineers
Rudder Revolution United
Orange Revolution
The Dastards
The Black Widows
Black Death
Puzzle Pirates Academy
Yellow Jackets

Between 500,000 and one million POE
The Yo-Ho Yoyos
Emerald Company
Bilge Rats
Dread Ringers
Pirates of the Damned
The Salty Mouthfuls
Bloody Scoundrels
First Circle of Hell
Terrible Turbies
Calico Marauders

Between 100,000 and 500,000 POE
Serial Pillagers
Radical Dreamers
Six Leagues Under
The Cartographers
Midnight Pirates
Dark Thorn Dragons
Blood Brothers
Band of the hand
The Revenge
The Velvet Claws
Kraken's Nightmare
Dastardly Deviant Devils
Green's Wolves
The Travelers
Black Gold
Titanic Mu-Mu Pirates
Ye Old Red Mist
Sea Wolves
Parrot Heads
Blood and Rum
Easily Distracted
Circean Sailors
Pirates Of The Carribean
The Jolly Pirates
Free Radicals
Yellow Turbans
Dastardly Dragons
Lopan All-Stars
Crimson Perm Assurance
La Giustizia Implacabile
Ancient Mariners
Paddy West
Plunder Cats
Fog of War
Rudder Lubbers
Dragon's Talon

Less than 100,000 POE
Second Circle of Hell
The Unmanagables
The Clumsy Barbers
The Golden Fiddles
Yarrrrrr Pirates
not-so-scurvy seadogs
Sinking Feelings
Apocalyptic Norsemen
The Enders
Rudder Duckies
Half Circle From Hell
Reign of Guppies
The Knights of Sloth
Groove Armada
Rose's Raiders
Lexicon Devils
The Sagely Swashbucklers
Sea Ogres
Do Nothing Pirates
Pillaging Penguins
Draconian Pirates
The Flying Cows
TPNJ - The Pirates of NJ
The Order
Tempesta Mortale
Blades n' Roses
The King of Red Lions
Black Opal
Azure Knights
Rudder Rampage
Rudder Royals
Adventurer's League
Crazy Interceptors
Red Hand
Black Hearts
The Last Exiles
The Spanish Inquistion
Death Or Glory
The Sea Hounds
White Widows
Meddling Mayhem
Skye Marauders
All Trades
Chaos Chronicles
A Cutlass Above The Rest
Beagle's Seadogs
The Fnords
Cookie Pirates
Draconi Traders
Southern Cross
Death Raiders
Teschio e Ossa
Big Daddy Angelslave
Penzance Marines

Less than 10,000 POE
The Sea Dogs
Cozzin Chaos
Jedi Pirates
The Flying Dutchmen
Aragorn of Azure
The Blue Pirates
Cult of the Red Mantis
The Far-Too-Jolly Rogers
I don't want a crew
Unknown Marauders
Royal Alpha Navy
Barrett's Privateers
Cursed Carousers
Pay the Devil
Penguins of Penzance
They Might Be Pirates
Mac Lir's Steeds
The Knotty Privateers
Dark Tide
The Sirens
Booty Lubbers
Invisible Strike
Sweet 'n Sour Navy
The Repliforce
Falcons of the Sea
Monkey's Marauders
Larkins Last Chancers
The Jovial Pirates
Morning Star
Lone Rangers
End of the World
Murder of Crows
Prime Time Playerz
Black Thunder
Alie too Sexy
Avian Nymphs
Rowdy Rapscallions
Orange Lyceum
The Illiterate Crow
Clan McGillicudy
Terrible Turbies

Less than 100 POE, ye cheapskates!
Prestigious Pilferers
Midnight Marauders
Mystical Warriors
Drewbert's Sea Dogs
Cirque du Morte
Terrors of Terris
Red Russians
Jedi Monkey Force
The Booched Banditos

We shall long remember their glorious efforts.