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-> While Halloween there you can turn into a Zombie, check this [[Becoming a Zombie|Page]] for information.
-> While Halloween there you can turn into a Zombie, check this [[2008_Halloween_events|Page]] for information.

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-> While Halloween there you can turn into a Zombie, check this Page for information.

Zombies are the rumbling equivalent of skellies, introduced with the Ye dread dead event. They can be found in groups on islands. There are various colors of zombies, but these colors are random and have no indication of difficulty.

Island infested with Zombies!

Zombies are found in groups on islands. Anyone may join if they have 100 PoE and an item to wager. When they are defeated, they distribute 1000 PoE, your item back, plus all items and PoE previously lost to them by other players. When defeated, they leave the island.

Finding zombies

Islands with zombies will be dark until they are driven away. A defeat the zombies mission will appear to anyone with all of the following:

  • A puzzle standing of Renowned and an experience level of Narrow in rumble.
  • At least 100 PoE on hand with which to enter the zombie battle.
  • An item in your booty panel that the zombies can take from you if you lose the battle against them.

Starting up

To enter the fray, pirates must pay 100 PoE to the zombies, and be holding at least one tradable item. Portraits, familiars, deeds, trinkets, presents, pet rats, the backsword, and the savvy hat are safe from the zombies, and can not be stolen. Caution though, as zombies don't always accept any bid ticket either (e.g. 25 units of stone, worth 2 poe each has been rejected!) - So make sure you have some items of worth. Bandanas and charts are always accepted as low cost items. When a pirate chooses to join the fray, a confirmation box will appear reading, "I'll be havin' 100 pieces of eight and yer <item> if ye lose."

More pirates can sign up for the zombie fray than there are zombies. When the fray starts, if there are extra pirates, the zombies will randomly pick a subset of the players, and refund wagers to the rest.

The fight starts once half of the people in the fray vote to start the fight.

The fray

The zombie fray is a lot like rumbles at the inn and sea, but zombies are a bit tougher than most barbarians.

Rumble skills and teaming are essential to a victory.


File:Zombie Hand.JPG
This is the prize for surviving the zombie battle

Zombies give the pirates of the winning fray 1,000 PoE per zombie (ie. if there are fewer players than zombies, each player gets more money) and all the items lost by others. They also add in a map to a random Atlantis outpost and an item of clothing. Pirates who survive are awarded a zombie hand, which may be held in portraits.

Ye Be Defeated!

If the zombies win, they take everyone's wager to distribute among anyone who beats them.


Spoiler warning: Details about trophies are hidden below.

The following trophies are related to zombies:

Atlantis Barbarian Lovers Brigand King Navigation Cursed Isles Drinking Flotilla Haunted Seas Activity lists Hearts Memorizing Pillaging Skellie Hunting Spades Werewolf Hunting Zombie Hunting
  Cerulean Emerald Ice Jade Meridian Obsidian Opal
Atlantis Explorers Across:
Barbarian Lovers Across:
Brigand King Hunters on:
Cursed Isles Attackers Across:
Drinking Players Across:
Flotilla Hunters Across:
Greedy brigand Hunters Across:
Haunted Seas Explorers Across:
Hearts Players Across:
Kraken Hunters Across:
Memming Players Across:
United Pillagers Across:
Skellie Hunters Across:
Spades Players Across:
Vampirate Hunters Across:
Werewolf Hunters Across:
Zombie Hunters Across: