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|monarchcrew=[[In War We Trust]]
|monarchcrew=[[In War We Trust]]
|membercrews=[[Serendipity]], [[In War We Trust]], [[Pride]], [[Cold Boned]], [[powerful firblades]], [[Planet of the Apes]]
|membercrews=[[Serendipity]], [[In War We Trust]], [[Pride]], [[Cold Boned]], [[powerful firblades]], [[Planet of the Apes]], [[Third Degree Burns]], [[Death's Last Wish]], [[Burning Eagles]]
|islandname1=Paihia Island
|islandname1=Paihia Island

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YPP - Your Purdy Pimps at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Monarch Gunnermooch of In War We Trust
Member crew(s) Serendipity, In War We Trust, Pride, Cold Boned, powerful firblades, Planet of the Apes, Third Degree Burns, Death's Last Wish, Burning Eagles
Islands controlled

Paihia Island
Saiph Island

Allies New World Order, We Boot Ignorant People.
Wars Crazy Bastards, Vicious.
Last updated on 12 October, 2007
Flags-YPP - Your Purdy Pimps.jpg

YPP - Your Purdy Pimps is a flag on the Hunter Ocean founded by Gunnermooch on March 8th, 2007.


Little is known about the overall purpose of YPP - Your Purdy Pimps, although they have clearly been involved in eradicating the Brigand King flotillas. It has also been said "To annoy everyone, and cause global annoyance" is the purpose. YPP - Your Purdy Pimps co-ordinated the Wicked Peace blockade at Iocane I, and blockaded it unsuccessfully a week later at Iocane II.

YPP - Your Purdy Pimps currently controls Saiph Island and Paihia Island.