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|crewname=Xarraw Fleet
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|shares=Crew Loyalty
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'''Xarraw Fleet''' is a [[crew]] that sails the [[Sage Ocean]].  
'''Xarraw Fleet''' was a [[crew]] that sails the [[Sage Ocean]].  

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Xarraw Fleet at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Terragon
Senior Officer(s) Zawony
Politics Terragon
Shares Crew Loyalty
Flag Affiliation Deadzone
Founded 10 September, 2011
Dormant as of 27 July, 2013

Xarraw Fleet was a crew that sails the Sage Ocean.


Xarraw Fleet was founded on September 10th, 2011, by the Captain, Terragon and the Senior Officer Zawony. They are part of the flag Deadzone. With 3 ships and a total member of 6 (4 active), the crew is still small but will grow big. Xarraw Fleet are not well known yet but, hey, its only been 2 months ;)

The crew is always open to new recruits.

Public Statement

"Many years ago, Puzzle Pirates where lost in darkness, those years where hard for Puzzle Pirates, the year was 2000 and at that time a evil flag, knowed as Pirates of Othia owned the hole game, they killed and plundered every where and in the deepest of darkness the peple dreamed about heroes, one day, in December 2011, heroes rised, they called them selfs Xarraw, a word that mean Victory, and they deafeted Othia and sunk there capital, they became a brotherhood, but splittered very soon, in 2001, many new humans came to the lands of puzzle pirates and the land became poupular once again and fight aganst Othia(Sunken Halls) and there they have growned stronger, but now, Xarraw are united once again and now they will fight there old enemies!"


Any officer within the Xarraw Fleet are allowed to invite new players to the crew. If no Officers are logged in, you have to wait :(

If you want a promotion, please contact any Fleet Officer+. Below are the requirements for the rank you desire. Once again, if no Fleet Officer is available, please wait for them.

Requirements for Rank

Cabin Person:

  • Only for inaktives.


  • Join as a full member.
  • Be Active!


  • Own a Ship.
  • 3 Broad Piracy Skills.
  • Pirate Requirements

Fleet Officer:

  • Solid+ in Sailing.
  • Solid+ in Carpentry.
  • Solid+ in Bilging.
  • Solid+ in Gunning.
  • Solid+ in Battle Navigation.
  • Solid+ in Duty Navigation.
  • Solid+ in Swordfighting.
  • Solid+ in Rumble.
  • Good in Pillage and experience in command.
  • Trust of Captain and Senior Officer.
  • At least own a Cutter.
  • Officer and Pirate Requirements.

Senior Officer:

  • Experience in leading a with skill.
  • Very trusted by Captain.
  • Fleet Oficer, Officer and Pirate Requirements.