White Star Line

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White Star Line at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Tropicalgal
Senior Officer(s) Annacrock, Badang, Billigan, Callmecapt, Capy, Coloking, Cugix, Ghoti, Gizmohawkins, Goldhawk, Hannylu, Motad, Official, Pyschadelic, Riofacer, Smilingangel Sybela, Wrry
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Dominant Storm
Founded 13 April, 2008
Merged into Dominators of Sage as of 5 December, 2008
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White Star Line was a crew on the Sage ocean flying under the flag of Dominant Storm. Throughout it's existence it has been widely considered the sister crew to Dominators of Sage and continutes to do so under the captaincy of Hannylu. Based mainly in the gull archipelago on Isle of Kent, White Star Line was a very rapidly growing crew til the bitter end, with it's articles and rank structure changing frequently.

Public statement

White Star Line took a left instead of a right at the last junction. We may have crashed into an oncoming ferry, but it was time for a big change in the crew!

Now I know some of you are thinking.. What change? Whats going on? I jobbed for them yesterday and earned 80 poe in an hour. They still suck!*

To answer, we're doing what all small crews claim to do: sacrificing size in exchange for a warmer atmosphere and making us a little more elite. Actually, we're specifically looking for pirates who are reasonably mature (but not neces-Arrrr-ily adults) and looking for a crew which is very much about knowing everyone and pillaging together.

So, if you're looking for a new place to call home, contact a Senior Officer and we'll get you sorted out!



  • Top crew fame position on sage
  • Third place in 27/07/08 July Frost Event


(under construction)

  • The crew was founded outside of Dominant Storm
  • Tropicalgal bought the crew and placed her alt Callmecapt in charge.
  • Hannylu was appointed captain soon thereafter.
  • Since Dec 5 2008 White Star Line merged with it's mother crew Dominators of Sage.


1. Always ask permission to board (PTB) when entering ships smaller than a war brig.

2. Leave ship stock as you found it. Replenish anything you use that isn't yours.

3. Return all open ships to Wensleydale, Isle of Kent, Lincoln or Admiral.

4. Do not gun without the commanding officers permission.

5. Swearing against flag mates is absolutely forbidden.

Rank Information


  • 2 broads and one distinguished. Easy peasy.


  • Have several solids and as well as several distinguished(or higher) stats
  • Play frequently.
  • The officer position is seen as a stepping stone towards fleet officer position in the crew. Officers are restricted to the use of open sloops only, unless permission is granted by the captain or a senior officer; in such cases, an SO will usually come along and help run the ship.

Fleet officer

  • Have master+ bnav or;
  • Having distinguished - respected bnav and passing the crews fleet officer test.
  • Fleet officer can also be achievable through distinction in puzzles other than bnav; this requirement is met with the possession of an legendary standing, or three or more master+ piracy puzzle stats.

Senior officer

This is entirely at the captains discretion. Pirates are expected to have at minimum a combination of the following attributes:

  • Friendliness with the crew
  • Exceptionally high stats
  • Exceptional experience in the game.

Senior officer positions are rarely given upon direct request.

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