Whiplash (pirate)

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Whiplash (pirate)

Whiplash is currently the captain of Good Omens. Formerly he was a senior officer of the Mad Mutineers and an ex-lord of Midnight Armada. He started his pirate career on the Azure Ocean washing up onto the shores of Guava Island. He was soon recruited by Silverbeard after dazzling him with his superb puzzling skills and boyish charm. Silver would probably deny that though.

After moving up slowly through the ranks of the Mutineers, he was elected captain by his peers in June 2004. Whiplash held the hat for almost a year until passing it on to Ninjaguy, his first mate. Soon after he accepted the position of captain for the Midnight Armada Defense Fleet since its previous captain, Stormy, was missing. After Byrne III, he passed the leadership to Saltycdawg.

Now when he finds a few moments out of his precious life to logon, you can often find him wandering around Park Island, his home, looking for people to talk to. Though recently you would be better off looking at the poker tables.

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