Weird Flex Summer Giveaway!

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Weird Flex Summer Giveaway!


Pillaging with Weird Flex! Giveaways worth over 10 million in poe!

  • Who: YOU!
  • When: Loading starts from Saturday, July 2nd from 7AM Gametime
  • What: Weird Flex But Ok over 10 million poe giveaway pillage! Tops paid! Trivia! and Grand Prize!
  • Why: We want to bring the oldschool pillies back! Big Ship, full of jobbers, lots of fun and loads of free gifts given away!
  • Where: Twitch, come job on the noticeboard! Feel free to message Skinnyminnie or Speckle for a job!


  • 30 Different gifts worth over 10 million poe! Including Familiars, Pets, Ships and more!
  • Grand Prize! of xxx
  • Tops paid after every battle!

Gift Process

Step 1 Prizes are given out randomly after each battle won, using an online "spin the wheel" ( application to choose a name of winning pirate (list of names from "Winners" of the SF are copy/pasted onto the wheel.


Step 2 After a player is chosen using the random generator wheel another wheel would be spun to decide that players present! Which will be shown on the stream.


Step 3 Trade the pirate the gift and carry on to the next battle!


All pillage and game rules apply. No straight-lining on battle swordfights/rumble without warning that you are AFK. No consecutive booched duty reports (lazing on puzzle). No botting. Anyone can job on notice board