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WORMS at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Henryw
Senior Officer(s) Dique, Mrpiratedude, Lukeyboi
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Tide of Terror
Dormant as of 4 March, 2008

How it was Founded

Henryw founded the crew WORMS in 2007 on the Sage Ocean. The whole purpose was to have fun pillaging as a captain of a crew.

Names Don't make a Difference

After about 10 minutes of being in a one-person crew, Henryw wasn't too surprised that there was only one person. He hadn't posted a job offer, told anyone about his new crew right when he founded it, and he wasn't sure how many people in unwanted creatures, his former crew, checked the news and saw his things posted about leaving. Also, he had just come up with the idea that nobody would really want to join permanently because then they might be considered worms themselves and get teased. No one likes getting teased.

This proved to be wrong. Dique sort of proved it wrong, but not really. Dique likes Henryw a lot (because in real life, they're family members). Dique thought that since unwanted creatures had about 8-12 active members and WORMS had one, he should help WORMS. Dique resigned from unwanted creatures, which he had the rank of fleet officer in, and joined WORMS. Because Dique is Henryw's father, he was given the rank senior officer.

Then Lukeyboi came along. Henryw was out pillaging by himself with a jobbing offer posted. Amazingly enough, he had to decline two applications and take down the offer because the ship was full (this was a sloop, so he got 8 people to apply). At the end of the voyage, Henryw divided the booty, proclaimed that the voyage was officially over, and left for his house. At his house, he was wondering whether to do Shipwrightery or Alchemistry next when he suddenly received a tell from Lukeyboi to make him a full member as a senior officer. Henryw thought that he should let Lukeyboi join because it would mean another person and he couldn't do anything major with his ship if it was locked. He invited him to the cottage, made him a full member, and gave him the rank of senior officer, as well as the title of cook.

During the next few pillages, 3 more people joined and Lukeyboi persuaded Henryw to unlock his ship. Lukeyboi proved trustworthy and gained a few more members while Henryw was away doing other things.

Unwanted creatures had a member named Foolinu. When he finally heard about WORMS and that Henryw was the captain, he told the whole crew that he was leaving to team up with me. Later, Sweetannie, Henryw's aunt, also a member of unwanted creatures, told him that Foolinu wanted to join. He was given the rank of pirate, then quickly climbed ranks to officer and fleet officer.

Many more worthy pirates have joined. There are now over 15, probably 20, in WORMS, and none of them seem to care about the name.

Flying the Flag

When Lovelylass, a royalty of the flag that unwanted creatures was in (and the captain of unwanted creatures), and Henryw were finally on at the same time, Lovelylass invited WORMS to join the flag and the invitation was accepted.

Upon making WORMS join the flag Tide of Terror, Lovelylass sent a flag broadcast saying, "welcome to all the little wormies that joined us today!" This was answered by a flag broadcast saying, "huh?what?"