Vicious Rogues

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Vicious Rogues at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Mejestic
Senior Officer(s) Goldmouth
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation None
Founded 8 November, 2006
Dormant as of 18 September, 2007

Vicious Rogues was an independent crew that sailed the Sage Ocean.


Vicious Rogues was founded by Mejestic on 8 November, 2006.

By September of 2007 the crew had fallen dormant.

Public statement

Crew of Fun Loving Rogues that like to pillage and have fun. We are not looking for a flag right now so please do not send invites.

Crew articles

Here are some things that can get you expelled:

  1. Lying, stealing, or cheating other players.
  2. Not asking permission to board before boarding a vessel at sea or in port.
  3. Spamming or repeatedly asking for promotions or to gun.
  4. Trying to take charge of a pillage that is not yours.
  5. Taking out a ship and not restocking it or leaving it at an island in which it cannot be stocked.
  6. Taking out anything bigger then a War Brig without knowing how to use it.
  7. Promoting anyone who does not have the required stats listed above

Promotion requirements

  • Cabin Person: Anyone can be a cabin person you are one as soon as you join.
  • Pirate: Have at least 3 broads in yer pirate stats this shows the captian you have experance.
  • Officer: Have broad or better in all pirate stats. Battle navigation, Sword fight, and Rumble are excluded. Must have a basic knowledge of Bnav. Must be a member of the crew for at least 1 week.
  • Fleet Officer: Must have solid or better in all pirate stats excluding the ones above. Must be broad or better in Bnav. Must be trustworthy due to the fact that FO's can withdraw from ships coffers. Must be in the crew for 3 weeks.
  • Senior Officer: Must have all the above stats and must have a solid knowledge of Bnav. Must pass a pillage test with the captian to prove that you know how to manage a ship and crew. Must above all be trustworthy and active. Must have at a ship or axcess to one to run pillages. Must have been in the crew for at least 1 Month no exceptions.

These are all guidelines set by the captian and are subject to change. Exceptions may and will be made by the captians discression. If you want to put an ALT in the crew you must be able to prove that the alt can work as well as the main account. Do not ask to be promoted and do not ask for an exception.