Vargas the Mad

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Vargas the Mad
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Vargas the Mad is one of the original five Brigand Kings introduced to the game in April 2006. So far it appears that he is the sole king to exclusively rumble, technically making him a Barbarian King. He is captain of the crew Circle of Madness and king of the flag The Enlightened on all but the Opal Ocean. On the Opal Ocean he goes by the name Vargas der Irre and is captain of the crew Zirkel des Wahnsinns and king of the flag Die Erleuchteten.

Note: While there have been posts in the forum done under the guise of the Brigand Kings, these are unofficial postings made by players that are not Ocean Masters or any other Three Rings staff and are not approved.

In battle

Vargas the Mad
All of Vargas's swabbies are bald, including the females.
Engagement chants:
  • Brace yourself! Vargas the Mad and his barbaric horde are looking for a rumble!
  • Vargas the Mad says, "Hehehe! Looking for a bit of a fight are we? Wonderful! We all just ran out of things to smash!"

Disengagement chant:
Player disengage:

  • Vargas the Mad says, "Run away! Hehehe, run away! Hide under the ocean, behind the sun or beneath the tiniest seashell! I will find you pirates!"

Vargas disengage:

  • Vargas the Mad says, "I can hear it, hehehe! Their song is in the air once more! Set a course for their enchanting song!"

Grappling chant:

  • Vargas the Mad says, "Time to break a few necks lads! Hehehe!"

Death chant:

  • Vargas the Mad says, "Things are getting a bit dark around here mates... seems the dream world is calling. Crack a few skulls for me!"

Defeat chants:

  • Vargas the Mad says, "No! No! No! We cannot lose! If we do they will come for us! They will comes for us all!"
  • Vargas the Mad says, "Very well, I shall give each of yer dedicated hands one <''Insert trinket name''> in ransom for my release."

Victory chant:

  • Vargas the Mad says, "Hehehe, another mighty good brawl we had! The icing on the trout is that we take all your shiny coins and the like!"
Vargus the Mad


A flotilla league point as seen from the targeting screen.
Flotilla icon Vargas the Mad.png

Vargas the Mad's flotilla icon as seen on Yer known world.

Trinket Rewards

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Reading Pipe Scientific Tome Siren's Comb

Current Flotilla Position

{{Flotilla tracker |cobalt=no |hunter=yes|hunter island=Messier's Crown|hunter distance=1|hunter direction=south east |midnight=no |sage=yes|sage island=Kasidim Island|sage distance=2|sage direction=north east |viridian=no

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