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Vaer is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean. He began playing intermittently in 2009, after being convinced by his real life friend who goes by the name Lune in-game. Vaer enjoyed a few of the games puzzles, mainly sailing and gunning and bnav. For the most part, Vaer has been content to play wing-man to more experienced and involved pirates, usually only logging on for blockades or when a friend is bored and requests his presence. However, he did spend a few months as Captain of the crew Vestige, though he wasn't a very good captain and the crew never became famous. So Vaer went to the flag Stronger, one of the biggest and top flags on the ocean. He was there for many months. More recently, he moved to the crew The August Charade to help Lune and Lunes rl gf with the crew. After much prodding from Lune, Vaer began posting on the forums even though he felt it was a waste of time because no one actually listens to each other they just argue. His forum career was short lived though because he often played the game on Lunes computer and a couple people accused him of being Lune. When Lune stopped playing because his computer broke, Vaer didn't see much reason to keep playing as Vaer, though he does log on to his other pirates occasionally (they are secret) and reads the forums and watches yppedias recent changes when YouTube and Facebook offer no cure for boredom.