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|islandname1=None at the moment
|islandname1=Duat Island

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Utopia(Malachite) at a Glance
Malachite Ocean
Monarch Kamuflaro of Harlequin
Member crew(s) Harlequin,Malachite Lizard Society, Ancient Hunters, Wicked, Glitter and Doom,SouthWest,
Organization Absolutism
Island controlled

Duat Island

Founded 21 November, 2008
Allies Barely Dressed, Blue Ice, Naughty Nerds
Wars None
Last updated on 28 July, 2010
Favicon.png Flag Info

Utopia is a flag on the Malachite Ocean and was created by Kamuflaro.


  • Has been #10 on the flag fame listing
  • Had more than 100 members
  • Had more than 5 crews
  • Held 2 islands

Extended Public Statement

Monday: No Poker All Day
Tuesday: Labour Refreshment Day
Wednesday: Your Suggestion Here
Thrusday: Flotilla 10am PT
Friday: Flag Pillage 10am PT
Saturday: Atlantis with Cervidae
Sunday: Meeting 11am PT & Stock/Fruit Moving afterwards

The ultimate goal of course is to build the Metropolis of Utopia on an island.
Looking for Crews to join us in our righteous cause!

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