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I did edits to Woody and Bifnot. Dunno if they'll "save" them or not though. -Looseweed (6/1/06)

Woody's stuff is now fine, if minimal. (Given the effort you guys are making to get as many articles as possible, I don't think anyone expects a 10-page essay on every pirate) Bifnot's is borderline... all you need is one or two more things about him and it'd be swell. (A short and perhaps even incomplete list of blockades he's navved in, some officers he's trained, some more about the familiar he won, what he's done with it since winning it, just a *bit* more.) --Ponytailguy 11:14, 1 June 2006 (PDT)

Should I remove names from the flag SOS that have been worked on, or just leave them as is?--rick9109

Please consider the flag SOS your own space. --AtteSmythe 20:50, 1 June 2006 (PDT)

'Saved' technical bits

I did edits for Mars, Millie (Midnight) and Lidrasha. Mars I'm confident I have saved, Millie and Lidrasha I am not confident I was able to locate enough information. I have contacted Millie and several members of her crew to give the page a lookover, but I have not been able to reach Lidrasha or her hubby Johncorsair.

Since we've been asked to leave the note that says the pirate's page is marked for deletion and let those who made the policy decide if our efforts are enough, yet I've been adding those I have worked on to the "saved" list, we could reach a problem. If I may make a suggestion, perhaps the actual wiki admins can look over the list of "saved" for new additions. If they do determine our efforts have NOT been enough, they could remove their name from the "saved" list so we don't ignore them to focus on folks who have not been worked on yet.--Muroni 08:39, 5 June 2006 (PDT)

I agree that it's not working very well. It's satisfying to see a list, but many more have been saved than are on the list, and some on the list aren't actually saved. How about this? We rename the section "Just a bit more work!" and then a couple times a day I go down the list and remove any that have had the tag successfully removed. --AtteSmythe 08:48, 5 June 2006 (PDT)
Sounds good to me. I'd just hate to put in my best bet, find out it's not good enough, and have others think it was and move on to somebody else. I really can't write for crap, and I totally understand if after the rush is over, all my work is completely redone by somebody else. It's quite embarassing to think some of it might stick, so edit away, anybody!--Muroni 14:20, 5 June 2006 (PDT)
Lists like this are definitely difficult to track with so many pitching in on the project who may or may not be updating the list. Sorry, I have been too busy to spend a lot of time carefully checking of edits off of recent changes. If you feel like there's enough info on the page, take the tag off (if someone disagrees, there can be a discussion on the article's talk page). If you're unsure, you can leave a note on my talk page and I'll try to get to it to give you my opinion (or one of the others will see it and do so). So far you're all doing a wonderful job. Thank you. --Guppymomma 14:30, 5 June 2006 (PDT)


In the first day, we've brought the number of tagged articles down to 121. That's fantastic work, mates. Keep it up! --AtteSmythe 14:17, 2 June 2006 (PDT)

103 articles at time of writing. Surely we can get this down below 100, aye? --AtteSmythe 15:01, 5 June 2006 (PDT)